New Sonic Version of Harmonic Explorer

Following on from some dialogue with Pete Dello earlier this year and some catching up of Sumerian tuning systems, I was able to satisfy my question “What role do modal scales play in the harmonic mountains and tone circles of Ernest McClain?”

I shall be publishing a number of diagrams which show where the scales are within those mountains, forming patterns like knotwork based upon the basing three vectors within the mountains, these being the Just intervals tone = 9/8, tone = 10/9 and semitone = 16/15.

To provide some audible distance learning aids for McClain and Pythagorean tuning knowledge in general, I strayed upon a crude sound system within web pages using waveform arrays, but then was informed of HTML 5 Audio components which are more reliable, efficient and easy to employ with Harmonic Explorers existing code.

v1.13 Xperiential

I therefore have a prototype version at with the following features:

  1. You can click or touch bricks to make them sing. For this function stay in the limit 720.
  2. You can click on the seven buttons with the names of modal scales. These will play one second per note. The checkbox “ASCENDING” (default is descending) can be checked/unchecked to play a given mode up or down.
  3. The bricks sounding turn GREEN and the tone circle shows the usual circle for it as if you are hovering over the brick.

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