Harmonic Explorer Update 1.12

Two improvements have been made after years of leaving the application as was after the death of Ernest G McClain, for whom it was written. The look and feel are very similar and I expect more changes to come without the look changing.

  1. The control bar at the top is rationalised into buttons to increase/ decrease limiting numbers by primes or major products of 2, 3 and 5, are now grouped vertically for clarity and the layout is simpler. In the future it would be nice if scaling the graphic using zoom out for large numbers did not affect the control bar.
  2. The text box where limits can be entered manually also presents a list of known harmonic limits used in the ancient world, which can be clicked to see that mountain’s limit. But now, the hover text for each limit, giving brief references, now appears below the statistics for the mountain. Thus one can now see the mountain and have some inkling as to ancient meanings for that limit. In the future it would be nice to expand on this feature by clicking on a web page for that limit. I also want to put extra anaysis features such as number or rows, with numbers shown, and number of columns (on base, i.e. powers of three), and other aspects used by EGM in his own analysis and fiddly to keep counting.

Try it out here:  and this version 1.12 opens with limit = 720, the Calendar Constant. To open Harmonic explorer to another limit, on launch, use a hash symbol after the URL and add your own number in the location as per harmonicexplorer.org#8640 which will resolve to http://harmonicexplorer.org/app/mountain.html#8640. Bibal group members can feedback any issues, and other can use the contact form at http://richardheath.info.


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