Scales within higher limits

It is now possible, in the developing version 2 of HE, to go to higher limits and have the scales play around that D = limit. The tones will always be in the same octave 360:720 Hz but the bricks will sequence visually and circled in the tone circle. The backdrop of the higher limit numbers (though never going far from the key three rows and five columns around D for that limit), it is now possible to fully play the Pythagorean heptatonic scale, or modern Dorian.

Pythagorean Scale a.k.a. Dorian

Comparing the Just intoned and Pythagorean Dorian gives little difference to the ear, since C and E are changed by only the syntonic comma of 81/80. However, it is important to see the Pythagorean on higher limits where it appears (such as 720 times 12 = 8640) since that was the ONLY diatonic scale before different ancient cultures record the killing of the serpent by Indra (Vritra), Marduk (Tiamat), Apollo (Python) and even Zeus (Typhon), perhaps to keep precedence.

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